A work of art from nature; specially crafted for your kitchen

Going across boundaries and bringing Japan into British kitchens, we launched our naturally vegan fermented seasoning, ‘shio koji‘ to the restaurant trade. This seasoning uses rice koji which is the key ingredient for our naturally fermented sparkling sake.

Naturally vegan fermented seasoning, ‘shio koji‘

‘shio koji’ is a Japanese fermented seasoning made by using only water, salt and rice koji which is steamed rice on which a friendly and magical mold called koji mold/Aspergillus oryzae grows.

What makes ‘shio koji’ so special?
 ・It is rich in enzymes that break down the starch and protein of your base ingredient(s) into their simple sugar and amino acids helping to create a depth of flavour - ‘shio koji’ naturally makes your food more delicious with its inherent proteins; this is the work of nature’s art
 ・It can be used as salt substitute - If you use shio koji in the same way as salt, you need to use double the amount compared to salt, but the amount of salt intake is reduced to 10-15%.
 ・Rice koji which is the key ingredient has been said to improve your gut health. 
 ・And, it is allergen free and vegan

*The rice koji made batch by batch with traditional skills and techniques mastered in Japan

Our naturally fermented ‘shio koji’

Some ‘shio koji’ is made with alcohol to help preserve it for long duration shipping and storage on the shelves at supermarkets.

Our ‘shio koji‘ doesn’t have any additives. It is simply fermented with pure brewing water, british hand-harvested sea salt and rice koji made batch by batch with traditional skills and techniques mastered in Japan; it is made especially for those love to use natural ingredients in cooking.

*The rice koji made batch by batch with traditional skills and techniques mastered in Japan

Naturally vegan fermented seasoning, ‘shio koji‘

Contains: 200ml
Ingredients: Water, Sea Salt, Rice koji
Shelf-life - Three months in fridge, and six months in freezer. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 4 weeks. When you use shio koji, you are recommended to use a sterilized tool.
Others: Additive-free | Allergy-free | Vegan

Our small batch, artisan, natural shio koji is currently only for restaurants and professional chefs. Please contact us if you are a restaurant or professional chef interested in our shio koji. If you are interested in our shio koji for your kitchen at home, please do get in touch and we can discuss your specific request. (info@thesparklingsakebrewery.com)

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How to use our ‘shio koji‘ in your kitchen?

Our ‘shio koji’ is intended to be enjoyed three ways:
・Used as seasoning to boost the umami flavour in your base ingredients through simply marinating (e.g. chicken, fish, tofu) overnight. 1 tbsp for your base ingredients of 200-300g.
・Used it for creating your original sauce (e.g. mushroom shio koji sauce, tomato shio koji sauce)
・Used as salt substitute - simply put our shio koji in your dish

To help inspire the possibilities of cooking with our ‘shio koji’ we’ve included some recipes.