The Sparkling Sake Brewery was founded by Sparkling Sake Master Naoki Toyota and Brand & Marketing Expert & Sake Educator Tracey Delaney.

In October 2021, they established a small brewery spanning only 400 sq ft, located in the suburbs of Cambridgeshire, with the aim of sharing the delight of sparkling sake beyond borders, as the only brewery exclusively dedicated to producing sparkling sake worldwide.

Naoki’s creations engage all five senses—appearance, aroma, taste, and the sound and texture of bubbles. Delicately beautiful bubbles are naturally fermented and remain unpasteurized after the second fermentation. The ongoing fermentation within the sealed bottle allows one to savor fleeting moments of nature, much like the cherry blossom season.

Every step, from rice washing to koji-making, initial fermentation, second fermentation, to degorgement, is meticulously undertaken by Naoki, employing traditional skills and knowledge honed in Japan.

Experience these creations through direct shipping from the brewery or via limited partnerships, including Michelin-starred establishments.

*The Sparkling Sake Brewery established in 2021 in Cambridgeshire

Our Concept

The beauty of nature’s impermanence

The beauty of nature's impermanence is nature in its most fundamental sense - the fleeting sunlight filtered through the leaves of the trees, the sounds of a sudden swirl of wind, the twittering of birds that soon fly away; the magical momentary beauty of the cherry blossoms that fade away... we can think of endless examples.

Impermanence; this is a term describing a certain sense of beauty in Japan. It is based on the idea that we, human beings, are a part of nature so we can coexist with nature by embracing and loving nature that always changes and doesn’t last forever.

If you look at the world of fermentation, you can find beauty in the lifestyle of microorganisms such as yeast and koji (a friendly and magical mold). They each change themselves with respect to each other and the world around it; at any moment are never quite the same.

Working in harmony with the microorganisms as they are at any given moment, we create sparkling sake batch by batch which is made from rice, water, yeast and koji. We do not think our product is just an alcoholic beverage; each batch is a work of art which expresses the beauty of nature’s impermanence.

By experiencing the beauty of nature’s impermanence you will feel in harmony with nature.

Our seal of authenticity

Our seal of authenticity is the visual identity of the Sparkling Sake Brewery - when you see this mark you’ll know it’s a product hand-crafted by us. The mark is designed in the spirit of the motif of the traditional Japanese ‘hanko’ stamp. The lines inside the circle are drawn in the Japanese hiragana “script”: あわ awa’ meaning ‘sparkling’ which expresses what is at the heart of our single minded production line. The elegant and delicate curve and the non-symmetrical shapes express the ever changing, non linear, beauty of impermanence in nature. Furthermore, the feeling of authenticity resulting from ‘organic’ and ‘crafted’ process we take is represented by the slightly non-uniform lines of the symbol mark.

Founding members:

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Naoki Toyota
CEO / Head Brewer

After a rigorous and specialized training in Nara, the birth of sake in Japan, he moved to the UK to start The Sparkling Sake Brewery. He is curious about the nature's impermanence.

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Tracey Delaney
Chief Brand and Marketing Advisor & Sake Educator

A New York native by way of Tokyo now based in the UK, Tracey has a 30+ year history with Japan and a 20+ year career in global communications. She is also a certified International Kikisake-shi (Sake Sommelier).