Sparkling Sake :
An Introduction and Tasting

Curious to learn about sparkling sake? Wondered about how the still sake of your (soon to be) favourite bubbly tastes before it’s become sparkling? Inspired to try a range of sparkling sake flavour profiles? If yes…then, this is an evening for you.

The Sparkling Sake Brewery looks forward to welcoming you to Yashin Ocean House, one of London’s premier Japanese restaurants, for an evening of education and tasting exclusively dedicated to sparkling sake.

You will taste the still sake (base sake) of our signature product, Classic ‘awa’. This is the non-bubbly version of our sparkling sake prior to the second fermentation naturally occurring in the bottle. Tasting this as a baseline will enable you to observe with your five senses how natural fermentation creates bubbles and influences the sake's flavour. And then you will taste Classic 'awa' and two of our limited-batch sparkling sakes where you will see how ingredients like fruit can add to the flavour profile with, for example, pronounced acidity. For comparison and historical context, we will also be tasting a sparkling sake from Ichinokura, a Japanese brewery who was the trail blazer in developing the sparkling sake category.

The evening will be led by a Founding Member of The Sparkling Sake Brewery & Sake Educator, Tracey Delaney.

Whether you are new to sparkling sake or have general sake knowledge, this introduction will provide an insightful overview to the world of sparkling sake. It will offer not only fundamental sake knowledge but also a solid understanding and a few fun facts about this pivotal category within the drinks industry. With a limited number of participants, we will facilitate an interactive dialogue and real-time Q&A. Attendees are invited to make a night of it and reserve a table for dinner at Yashin Ocean House to continue the exploration of Japanese culinary and drinks craftsmanship.

Sparkling Sake : An Introduction and Tasting
Sparkling Sake : An Introduction and Tasting

Sparkling Sake : An Introduction and Tasting


Date: Friday, 16 February 2024
Time: 18:00 - 19:15
Location: Yashin Ocean House
Price: £50 per person
What's included:
- Sake and Sparkling Sake 101 presentation covering fundamental knowledge
- Guided tasting of our base still sake and three different sparkling sakes from The Sparkling Sake Brewery and ‘Suzune Wabi’ by Ichinokura
- Digital “Handouts” to bring your sake knowledge home