Limited Batch Series

‘Limited Batch Series’ is a seasonal batch of naturally sparkling sake fermented with a variety of fresh/aged ingredients; some in stainless steel tanks and some in barrels. We’ve taken this approach to pursue our curiosity and bring the joy of naturally sparkling sake to everyone through the lens of going beyond boundaries.

Berries awa

It is our naturally sparkling sake fermented with British strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.

Each natural ingredient changes itself and interacts with each other to create a beautiful colour, aroma, taste, effervescent texture and the delicate sound of bubbles at the end of fermentation process. You can experience this limited batch with all five senses!

The story behind the label design

The label of Berries awa is created by our design team (Yuki and Yoshiyuki). 苺色(Ichigo-iro), meaning “strawberry colour” in Japanese, is used for the label.

The text colour of ‘泡’ (awa), meaning bubbles in Japanese has been modified from its original black to a grey gradient balance and harmonise with the strawberry colour.

We hope you will enjoy the visuals and story of our label design and the flavour of Berries awa.

Berries awa
Berries awa

Berries awa


*ABV 12%
*Incl. VAT. Shipping Extra (Currently shipping to mainland England, Wales and Scotland)

‘awa’- meaning bubbles in Japanese - is a hand crafted, limited edition naturally sparkling sake produced locally in the UK with Japanese craftsmanship. This limited batch is fermented with summer berries grown in the UK.

- Ingredients: Water, Rice, Yeast, Koji (Aspergillus oryzae), Raspberry, Blackberry, Strawberry
- Storage & Serving: Store refrigerated. Serve chilled in a flute (glass). Best consumed upon opening to capture its bubbly nature (bubbles may dissipate with re-storage).
- Others: Vegan | Sulphite free | Gluten free

*Free delivery for orders of 2 bottles or more