Kijo-shu Nigori awa

Kijo-shu Nigori awa is the second batch of our Limited Batch Series in 2024.

What exactly is Kijo-shu Nigori awa? Let's break it down. Firstly, what is Nigori sake? As some of you may already know, Nigori sake is crafted using a traditional and unique method similar to the process of making petillant naturel (natural sparkling) wines. It is gently filtered before the initial fermentation completes, resulting in a softly fizzy, creamy, and rich taste. Now, onto Kijo-shu. Kijo-shu is renowned as a premium sake crafted by substituting the brewing water with still sake. That is to say, still sake is made initially, and then another batch is produced using the sake that was made. Therefore, making Kijo-shu requires sake to be made twice, including the process of making rice koji. This painstaking process adds a super-rich, depth, and complex flavor.

So, what can you expect from Kijo-shu Nigori awa? Here's a glimpse:

On the nose, expect notes of tropical fruits, grapefruits, lychee, and honeysuckle, leading to a juicy fruit-like finish. It boasts super-rich, creamy, and a wonderful balance between savory character and fruitiness, coupled with refreshing pleasant lifted acidity. All this accompanied by a gently delicate effervescence.

Still finding it hard to imagine? Please experience it for yourself.

Kijo-shu Nigori awa
Kijo-shu Nigori awa

Kijo-shu Nigori awa


*ABV 12%
*Incl. VAT. Shipping Extra (Currently shipping to mainland England, Wales and Scotland)

- Ingredients: Water, Rice, Yeast, Koji
- Storage & Serving: Store refrigerated. Serve chilled in a flute (glass). Best consumed upon opening to capture its bubbly nature (bubbles may dissipate with re-storage). 
- Others: Vegan | Sulphite free | Gluten free | Junmai

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