Limited Batch Series

‘Limited Batch Series’ is a seasonal batch of naturally sparkling sake fermented with a variety of fresh/aged ingredients; some in stainless steel tanks and some in barrels. We’ve taken this approach to pursue our curiosity and bring the joy of naturally sparkling sake to everyone through the lens of going beyond boundaries.

Nigori awa

Introducing Limited Batch Series 007: Nigori awa.

Our Nigori awa belongs to the Nigori sake category, often referred to as Cloudy sparkling sake.

What is Nigori sake?

Nigori sake is crafted using a traditional and unique method similar to the process of making petillant naturel (natural sparkling) wines. It is gently filtered before the initial fermentation completes, resulting in a softly fizzy, creamy, and rich taste.

This special sake was crafted to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of The Sparkling Sake Brewery.

Slowly turn the bottle upside down

We recommend storing this sake in the refrigerator upon receipt. Before opening, gently invert the bottle a few times to evenly mix any sediments, and then carefully open the bottle.

As for food pairings, we enjoyed Nigori awa with Nigiri Tuna with Sake Kasu Wasabi and Nigiri Sea Bream with Shio Koji Nori at the anniversary party. It also complements creamy and savory dishes like cheesy Mushroom Pizza and Creamy Scalloped Potato Tray Bake.

Feel free to explore your own pairings.

Nigori awa
Nigori awa

Nigori awa


*ABV 12%
*Incl. VAT. Shipping Extra (Currently shipping to mainland England, Wales and Scotland)

- Ingredients: Water, Rice, Yeast, Koji
- Storage & Serving: Store refrigerated. Serve chilled in a flute (glass). Best consumed upon opening to capture its bubbly nature (bubbles may dissipate with re-storage). 
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