2024 Rhubarb awa

Rhubarb awa is a naturally sparkling sake fermented with rhubarb grown in West Yorkshire.

It was one of the most popular offerings in our Limited Batch Series last year. The rhubarb was harvested in March of this year, then turned into purée and added to the moromi during the initial fermentation of our Classic awa. The secondary natural fermentation occurred within each bottle.

For this year's batch, the recipe was slightly tweaked to further enhance the pleasant acidity derived from rhubarb. You can enjoy the wonderful combination of natural sweetness from our core product, 'Classic awa', and the pleasant acidity from rhubarb.

Whether you're new to Rhubarb awa or already a fan of the 2023 batch, we encourage you to try the 2024 Rhubarb awa.

Rhubarb awa
Rhubarb awa

Rhubarb awa


*ABV 12%
*Incl. VAT. Shipping Extra (Currently shipping to mainland England, Wales and Scotland)

- Ingredients: Water, Rice, Yeast, Koji, Rhubarb
- Storage & Serving: Store refrigerated. Serve chilled in a flute (glass). Best consumed upon opening to capture its bubbly nature (bubbles may dissipate with re-storage). 
- Others: Vegan | Sulphite free | Gluten free |