The 2023/24 Festive Collection - 6 Bottles
The 2023/24 Festive Collection - 6 Bottles

The 2023/24 Festive Collection - 6 Bottles


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The 2023/24 Festive Collection is a box of 6 bottles that includes a combination of different products: 1 bottles of Classic awa, 2 bottles of awa × berries, 1 bottle of Nigori awa and 2 bottle of awa × blackcurrant. This collection is for you to enjoy the festive season with your friends, family, and partner. 

‘Classic awa’ - It's our signature product, naturally sparkling sake.  Tasting notes: Strawberry, lychee, and honeysuckle on the nose. Fruit like finish - Green apple and white flower. Wonderful complex between savoury and character and fruitiness. Refreshing clean lifted acidity. Clean finish with a hint of fresh ginger. A delicate effervescence.

‘awa × berries’ - It is our naturally sparkling sake fermented with strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, which were grown in the UK this summer. Each natural ingredient changes itself and interacts with each other to create a beautiful colour, aroma, taste, effervescent texture and the delicate sound of bubbles at the end of fermentation process. Perfect batch to enjoy this festive season.

‘Nigori awa’ - It belongs to the Nigori sake category, often referred to as Cloudy sparkling sake. What is Nigori sake? Nigori sake is crafted using a traditional and unique method similar to the process of making petillant naturel (natural sparkling) wines. It is gently filtered before the initial fermentation completes, resulting in a softly fizzy, creamy, and rich taste. This special sake was crafted to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of The Sparkling Sake Brewery.

‘awa × blackcurrant’ - It's made with blackcurrant grown in Essex. Beyond the invigorating tang and delightful bitterness, there's rice-derived umami and sweetness, all enveloped in gentle, delicate bubbles. Whether you're a devoted Sake enthusiast or new to this realm, we encourage you to give it a try. This presents an opportunity to explore the world of sake beyond its conventional boundaries.

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