Classic 'awa' is a work of art
to express 'the beauty of nature’s impermanence'

Our product, Classic ‘awa’,  is a limited edition work of art intended to express the beauty of nature’s impermanence - its flavour and, beautiful and delicate bubbles are naturally created from the original ingredients of rice, water and microorganisms. In order to bring the beauty of nature to life, we do not take a homogeneous approach such as adding alcohol or water and using artificial enzymes or injecting additional bubbles (CO2) into the product. We simply bottle the sparkling sake as it is at that very fleeting moment in time. The fermentation world is directly related to changes in nature - weather, temperature, humidity etc. This means every batch, each moment, has its own subtle unique flavour profile and bubbly essence even though it is produced by the same ingredients and brewing process. You can enjoy the beauty of nature’s impermanence through our art - Classic ‘awa’.

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The 2024 Second Batch of Classic awa
The 2024 Second Batch of Classic awa

The 2024 Second Batch of Classic awa


*ABV 12%
*Incl. VAT. Shipping Extra (Currently shipping to mainland England, Wales and Scotland)

Tasting notes 

Strawberry, lychee, and honeysuckle on the nose. Fruit like finish - Green apple and white flower. Wonderful complex between savoury and character and fruitiness. Refreshing clean lifted acidity. Clean finish with a hint of fresh ginger. A delicate effervescence.

Storage & Serving

'awa' is intended to be enjoyed at its freshest soon after delivery to capture the fleeting moments of nature. Store refrigerated. Serve chilled in a flute (glass). Best consumed upon opening to capture its bubbly nature (bubbles may dissipate with re-storage).

Food pairing

'awa' is great on its own. Pairings we've enjoyed include lightly fried white fish or vegetables, goats cheese and honey, very lightly spiced guacamole or avocado salad.


Vegan | Sulphite free | Gluten free | Junmai - brewed using only water, rice, yeast and koji